Nanum For The Holidays (D-Day 1)

 “Nanum for the Holidays,” a Celebration of Sharing and Fundraising for Asian Awareness and Aid for the Marginalized,  is just one day away!

A huge thank you to all who participated as sponsors and donors for the event.
We ask for more participation and support. Please click the event name above to purchase tickets and make a donation!

It will be a great night of music, featuring Joo Won Shin who sang “Fly Me to the Moon” in one of the most famous scenes of the hit Netflix series, “Squid Game.”  We are particularly excited to have arranged for Ms. Shin to perform at our event in appreciation of our supporters like you.  Her angelic but powerful performance in “Squid Game” became an instant sensation and mesmerized viewers.  We know she will leave a lasting impression on our guests as well.

“Nanum for the Holidays” promises to be an unforgettable night with our incredible performers.  Joining Joo Won Shin will be Q  Lim, Daniel J Edwards, and Kang Dongwoo who are musical actors on Broadway.  They will be joined by a sweet and soulful jazz band, the Hailey Quartet, teamed by Hailey Hyerim Yoo, Jae Young Jeong, Jeong Hwan Park, and Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, who will accompany the performers throughout the show.  The entire ensemble actively volunteers for non-profits and they are excited to help the Nanum Foundation have a successful event!

The Nanum Foundation provides grants to fund strategic and sustainable programs that serve the most vulnerable Asians and Asian Americans in our community – seniors, the disabled, women, immigrants and youth.  With the alarming and continued rise in incidents targeting Asians, our 2023 grants will be made to fund programs that promote Asian awareness and provide assistance to those at risk of being victimized or who have been victimized.

This event is our primary source of fundraising for our 2023 grants. As we enter the holiday season, let us celebrate what is good and great in our community while sharing our blessings in a meaningful way. When we give together, our gifts multiply and sustain our community.

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In addition, you can find more information about the Nanum Foundation below:
NY Nanum Foundation Info Booklet
Thank you for your continued interest and support of our Foundation’s work and we look forward to seeing you on December 14!