Please Help Us Reach Our Goal! (English)

In this season of giving, spread the gift of “Nanum”!
Dear Friends and Supporters of Nanum,

On December 14, the NY Nanum Foundation held its annual fundraiser “Nanum for the Holidays,” an ambiance-filled jazz club event with plenty of food and drink and talented musicians featuring Joo Won Shin, the enchanting singer who performed “Fly Me to the Moon” in the Netflix mega-hit “Squid Game.”  A heartfelt thank you to those of you who attended.

By all accounts, the night was a great success!  We received unanimously positive feedback from our guests for the refreshingly different and beautiful event format.  In addition, our fundraiser attracted a new generation of socially conscious volunteers and donors who joined our core supporters and sponsors for a truly multi-generational experienceYou can see a short video highlighting “Nanum for the Holidays” here.

We raised over $120,000 that night which will help fund our 2023 grants.  In order to maximize the grants we can award, we need your help to raise another $30,000. Would you please support our cause by donating to the NY Nanum Foundation?

In light of the alarming increase in incidents targeting Asians, for 2023 the Nanum Foundation seeks to fund programs that promote Asian awareness and provide assistance to marginalized Asian Americans.  There is much work to be done to combat local anti-Asian sentiment, raise awareness and assist those most vulnerable and needy in our community.  Fortunately, there are many dedicated and reliable grassroots organizations that are able to provide that assistance but need our help to fund their programs.  

In this season of giving, please help us spread the gift of “Nanum” (sharing and giving in Korean) with others much less fortunate.  If you have not already donated, please consider contributing to our cause.  We welcome every donation, big or small, because we firmly believe in the power of our community and what we can do together!


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Thank you so much for your generosity.

Wishing you and your families a healthy and Happy New Year!

With warm holiday wishes,
Eunice E. Lee
Chair, NY Nanum Foundation

During our event, we presented spotlight videos that highlight the work of 5 incredible grassroots organizations doing the very type of work we aim to support.  To learn more about the kind of work your donations would be supporting, we invite you to watch the following short spotlight videos:
Neighbor Plus launched a Single Elderly program with their 2021 Nanum grant which provides personal care and recurring support services to senior citizens living alone, including grocery deliveries, physical assistance with light handiwork, and transportation to medical or personal care appointments.
네이버 플러스 (Neighbor Plus)
CIDA (Community Inclusion and Development Alliance) serves Asian families with special needs family members including workplace training, sibling support, and workshops about governmental and other available services.
시다 (CIDA)
Café Maddy Cab was created in 2021 by one individual who saw the need to fund free Uber rides to vulnerable Asian Americans in NYC who felt unsafe to travel by public transportation due to the rise in anti-Asian incidents. It was a hit, raising more than $250,000 and setting up nearly 8000 rides.
카페 매디 캡 (Café Maddy Cab)
Minkwon Center focuses on advocacy and community organizing, civic participation, social services and a youth empowerment program for low-income, undocumented and marginalized Asian American to achieve economic and social justice for our immigrant communities.
민권 센터 (Minkwon Center) 
Korean Community Media Broadcasting is a non-profit broadcasting station that seeks to deliver news and information to help the vitality of the Korean immigrant community on the East Coast, with a special focus on supporting the underprivileged and marginalized.  Since March 2021 when they started broadcasting, they have produced more than 460 broadcasts distributing valuable information for the community.
KCMB (Korean Community Media Broadcasting)